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Why Your Social Media Agency Should Help Design Your Website

Who’s really designing your site?


Probably about 95% of the people who say they’ll design your website don’t do it themselves. They outsource it to either a freelance web developer or another company, but they don’t tell you that. Why do you think their in-house developer isn’t on your calls?


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The purpose of your website is to market your brand. Great website design is informed by insights around how you want to capture data, where your traffic will be coming from, and how social you want it to be. You need to know your objectives and your audience, as well as what your brand is and how you want to position it.


Your social media marketing ties into everything

The thing is, your social media agency already knows all that. They already know the answers to these major marketing questions, and they also know what questions to ask web developers–and which questions to ask you. Your social media agency will help find the best designer for your site specifically. So, why not work with somebody you already trust?


Simply put, social media supports everything you do as a brand. It connects to every marketing effort you pursue. It only follows that the people marketing your brand through social be directly involved with your website design.


If your social agency is driving traffic to your site, shouldn’t they be involved in the creation of it? They understand the ins and outs of your business, and they know what a good site looks like. Social media strategists understand your marketing goals–they know the benefits of brand awareness and the value of analytics, and they can tie everything into your sales funnel.


Collaboration creates a cohesive final product

So when shopping around for website development options, ask the designer straight up: “Is it done in-house?”


With an honest relationship between you, your social agency, and your web developer, you can produce the best work. If you communicate openly, you’ll have three heads instead of one–all working toward a common goal: making your brand a force in your space.


When you involve your social media agency in the web development process, your marketing efforts are more cohesive–and in turn, so is your brand.


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