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What we’re thinking about

Is Expo West Worth It?

As a social media agency, I love going to Expo West. It is something I look forward to all year. I’ve made great friends at Expo West and met some fantastic brands that have turned into clients and those clients have turned into lifelong friends. The lecture series at Expo West is really enjoyable as well. Throughout the years, I’ve had the pleasure to hear some great brands and marketing experts speak about the natural products industry and got some great tips that I still use today. 

Exploring Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts presents digital retailers with a unique opportunity to connect with audiences on a new, social media-like level. But does it actually work? Our team explores the platform’s capabilities and functionality.

Student Shopping Report – 4 Minute Read

Student Beans is an e-commerce platform dedicated to online shopping for college and soon to be college students. In their most recently published report (over thirty pages), we learned quite a lot. Our team took those thirty pages and condensed them into a 4-minute read

For All The Brands That Prefer To Sell On Amazon

When marketing on social media the easiest way to get a direct ROI is by driving traffic to your website and converting to sales there. For varying reasons, a lot of our clients prefer to drive traffic to Amazon.   When…

Back To School

This upcoming back to school shopping season will be unlike any other we’ve seen. Besides all the uncertainty about whether our children will be going back to school or not, one thing we can be sure of is parents that…

Trump’s Beef With Twitter

As most of you have heard by now, Trump’s recent flagged tweets have led him to announce an executive order aimed at big tech and specifically social media companies.  You can view Twitter’s policies that directly relate to Trump’s content…

Are Meetings a Form of Procrastination?

One of the roles of a leader is to make meetings more productive Everything starts with having the right talent in place. Before I hired senior-level executives I would show up to our internal meetings and not hold myself accountable.…