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Unlock the full capabilities of influencer marketing with advertiser access

If you’re using influencer marketing, but not utilizing advertiser access then you’re just scratching the surface of the possibilities for leveraging an influencer. It’s no longer enough to hire an influencer and have them make a few organic Facebook posts mentioning your business. Now, there is the potential to take influencer marketing a step further through paid media. By placing paid media behind influencer posts on advertising platforms such as Facebook ads, brands can amplify the reach of an influencer’s content beyond just the influencers’ organic audience.

The beauty of advertiser access is that you don’t even need to have an influencer with tens of thousands of followers. Placing budget behind the advertiser access posts, boosts the reach of posts, very likely beyond the organic reach of even larger influencers. Here are two examples of utilizing advertiser access:  

In a campaign for one of our clients in the children’s retail industry, we utilized a mom fitness influencer who posted organically about using the brands’ products with her children. The post was amplified, by putting paid budget behind the post and promoting the post to moms interested in fitness. In this case, the objective was getting more post engagements, which resulted in over 3x more engagements than just the organic post by itself. Not only that, but the advertiser access post was 25% cheaper to promote than other paid media campaigns optimized for post engagements coming from the brands’ handle.  


In another case, for a client in the real estate industry, we put paid media behind a local real estate website’s post about the brands’ properties. The post linked to the brands’ website and was optimized to get conversions, which in this case meant getting users to fill out inquires about the property. This campaign was also a success, as it generated conversions for 34% cheaper than a normal conversion campaign for the brand.

Overall, advertising access allows the advertiser to make each influencer campaign that much more impactful, by showing influencer content to a highly targeted market.      

-Ryan Parker

Director of Paid Media