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The Desire For Transparency

If you:
· Make your own products
· Substitute glass for plastic
· Responsibly source your ingredients
· Take care of your employees


Scream it from the mountain tops. In a world where there is so much bull shit out there, knowing who makes your products, where they come from, and if they treat their employees with respect is real.


We hear it a lot; consumers want transparency regarding the products they put on their skin and put in their bodies. Why is that?

Let’s talk about supplements and overall preventive medicine. It’s hard to know if, for example, the fish oil you are taking is working. A “respectable” brand can cost up to $50 a month. The science will tell you that you should be taking fish oil daily, but how do you know if one product is better than the next? It’s tough.

Now, what if the fish oil had a comparable price but explained in detail where and how they manufacture their products and specifically told you where they got their fish from and who caught it.

Some other examples:

  • South Mill Champs is a mushroom growing house. They produce a line of mushroom snacks called Shrooms. South Mill is not only the mushroom growing house; they even farm the straw used in the growing process.
  • Urco Huasi Farms is another excellent example. They are quinoa farmers that understood quinoa better than anyone else, so they decided to take that knowledge and make their own products.
    *Neither of these brands are Socialike clients

Building social media campaigns that highlight how your products are made will make your brand stand out from many other brands that are purely marketing companies disguised as brands.

Marketing these types of campaigns is what we love to do the most!

*Some brands that Socialike does work with

  • Dickinson’s Brands of Witch Hazel are harvested in its natural habitat! They only use certified organic Witch Hazel in all of our products harvested from 33,000 acres of New England forests! Their sustainable harvest methodology promotes forest regrowth.
  • Annemarie Borlind procures ingredients from social and ecological projects around the globe to ensure that local people are fairly and reliably rewarded for their work and have dignified working conditions. And thanks to a climate protection project in Cambodia, Annemarie Borlind is climate neutral.
  • DrTung’s took their most popular product and completely removed the plastic container it was in and moved it to paperboard packaging.