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The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda has always advocated for early risers and suggests waking at or before sunrise each day. In fact, Ayurveda prescribes a method for conducting your daily routine to maximize productivity and enhance creativity-effectively optimizing your day’s “flow.” What’s interesting is that modern neuroscience research agrees with

Facebook Limits Audience Targeting by Ayurvedic Interests and Health and Wellness Categories In late 2021, Meta announced plans for Facebook Ads Manager to begin phasing out several audience targeting options. All planned changes are detailed targeting options, meaning they relate to users’ personal interests and behaviors. Socialike was surprised to discover that

We know rules were made to be broken, but these four might be just what you need to build a stronger brand identity and loyal audiences. Rule #1: Are you the Many-Faced God for your brand? There’s debate about this one. How is the founder persona supporting your brand? We know people like to follow people but your brand identity is your DNA. Do you want your audience to identify with your brand or your founder? It’s tricky, we know.

Verdict: Our rule of thumb is to keep the thoughts, opinions and personal experiences of your founder separate from your brand.
Rule #2: Location. Location. Location. Raise your hand if you’ve ever fumbled to find the english section of your IKEA furniture assembly pamphlet! ??? Just us? Well this is awkward. I think you see where we’re going with this. IKEA has locations all over the world and they capitalize on this by having several accounts that showcase their products from their respective geographic locations. This helps with their audience targeting and engagement. Looking to explore far off places for a year abroad? Have no fear, IKEA's got a dedicated Instagram account for that and we hear Kuwait is nice this time of year.
Verdict: Keep it separate and keep it simple!
Rule #3: Are you a beverage brand with a not-so-hidden passion for the arts and motor sports? Enter Redbull. We’re talking about Instagram accounts for their product, music, tv, radio, skate, bike, racing, break-dancing, house of art and the list goes on. There’s something for everyone, which translates to brilliant strategy from an audience standpoint. They know not everyone is going to be interested in their product focused Instagram so they create mini audiences that connect with a larger demographic through niche accounts.
Verdict:  Redbull rules the multiple Instagram account world, and we’re just living in it. Be like Redbull if all the above applies to your brand.
Rule #4:  Linguists are we? There’s nothing quite as crisp as a freshly opened can of Coca Cola...well maybe a close second to differentiating language by their multiple Instagram accounts. Coca Cola Brasil has 1 million followers who engage and being spoken to in their native tongue. Relating to your customers and consumers by making it easy for them to communicate with your brand builds community and the ability to effectively get your message out to an audience that’s dialed in.
Verdict: Nice isn’t just a place in France. That’s a pun for this PSA: if you’re targeting consumers and customers who speak different languages, multiple accounts are the way to go.
Tenneille is a content guru and strategy sorceress at Socialike. On the weekend you can find her spreading love the Brooklyn way and swooning at every pup on the street and kitty in the window. Catch her latest adventure on Instagram.

In the past five years alone, social media has become a crucial part of every department. Companies may involve their social media agencies in marketing efforts, but many fail to see the value in giving them a voice in the larger strategy conversations. Let’s say your brand is conducting customer research.