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Niche retailers are specialized stores in your local community such as your local health food store, a bike shop, or yoga studio. These niche retailers hold a lot of clout in the local community, almost like influencers do nowadays. Local shop owners and managers tend to be experts in their field,

In the past five years alone, social media has become a crucial part of every department. Companies may involve their social media agencies in marketing efforts, but many fail to see the value in giving them a voice in the larger strategy conversations. Let’s say your brand is conducting customer research.

DIRECT BOOKINGS FROM GUESTS: EVERYBODY WANTS THEM. It’s a huge collective dream, within the whole hospitality industry, to use social media to wrestle the sales funnel away from OTA’s (Expedia, Travelocity), etc.  In essence, this is like winning your own customers back, clawing that 15-25% profit back, and getting your

WANT TO GIVE CUSTOMERS A TASTE OF GOOD THINGS TO COME? TAKE A PEEK AT “PIN. PACK. GO.” Who in the hospitality industry wouldn’t welcome a new way to increase your guest’s anticipation for an upcoming visit? “Pin. Pack. Go” service from Four Season Hotels is an example of a new