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Niche retailers are specialized stores in your local community such as your local health food store, a bike shop, or yoga studio. These niche retailers hold a lot of clout in the local community, almost like influencers do nowadays. Local shop owners and managers tend to be experts in their field,

If you’re marketing supplements, you’re immersed in a highly distinctive — and extremely competitive — sales environment. Influencers can be an intelligent part of your social marketing plan, but as with all aspects of advertising and promoting supplements, things can get tricky fast. First, there’s the FDA. You might believe wholeheartedly

Does your brand use a PR company for influencer marketing? The role of public relations has shifted from earned media to wrangling social influencers. But the fact is, influencer marketing has disguised itself as earned media, when in reality it’s a branch of paid social advertising. Because of this, traditional