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Recently at Socialike, we’ve committed a lot of time reviewing our influencer strategy. In doing that review, there was one question we keep coming back to over and over: Is the ROI there for influencer marketing? We still utilize influencers often, but in many cases, we find more value in creating

Facebook Limits Audience Targeting by Ayurvedic Interests and Health and Wellness Categories In late 2021, Meta announced plans for Facebook Ads Manager to begin phasing out several audience targeting options. All planned changes are detailed targeting options, meaning they relate to users’ personal interests and behaviors. Socialike was surprised to discover that

DIRECT BOOKINGS FROM GUESTS: EVERYBODY WANTS THEM. It’s a huge collective dream, within the whole hospitality industry, to use social media to wrestle the sales funnel away from OTA’s (Expedia, Travelocity), etc.  In essence, this is like winning your own customers back, clawing that 15-25% profit back, and getting your