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Step One. Fine Tune Your Messaging

Brand awareness is one of those things that all brands want and as an agency is hard to directly correlate to increased revenue. We can report all day long on increased reach, impressions, engagements, etc.… We have top-notch listening software that allows us to track mentions across the entire web and track a brand’s overall sentiment. All of these items, along with authenticity and investing in your brand’s aesthetic, play a factor in creating positive brand awareness.

But if you want to increase your brand awareness and want something quantifiable (more than just social media metrics), where should you start?

We think you should start with making sure you know your audience and what message resonates with them.

Just like when you start a new workout program or change your eating habits, knowing where to start and how to get there is everything. Try a few different workouts; maybe it’s CrossFit, yoga, HIT classes. Experiment with cutting out certain foods; maybe one week you cut out dairy; the next week, go low carb. By A/B testing, over time, you will know what works and achieve optimal results.

A/B testing goes for your marketing messaging as well. And this brings us back to the quantifiable metric and where to start with increasing brand awareness. You need to find the message that will resonate with your audience. We think we know how to speak to the consumer as brand owners and marketers, but data doesn’t lie.

When we kick off with a new client, we like to start with a variety of creative content, a few varied audiences, and variations of the copy to coincide with the creative. Then we A/B test. After a few rounds of testing, we can come back to the client with a definitive answer on what content resonates with what audience.


After that, we get to work and start to execute the vision!