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Six Predictions for 2023

Below are six predictions we have for 2023:


The trend to ban Tik Tok will continue to gain momentum; with more and more states banning the app for government workers, this will eventually spill over into the consumer segment. 

  • There are very few things in 2023 that garner bi-partisan support. Banning Tik Tok seems to be one of them. You can chalk it up to being scared of China or the average age of a Senator being 64.3


Seasonal-based products will gain momentum with a focus on selling small quantities on the brand’s website.  

  • Brands looking to own consumer data but are beholden to Amazon and big box retailers will try new methods to get consumers to purchase direct. By releasing limited edition seasonal products, you can encourage your biggest fans to buy directly from you.


Personalized health and wellness coupled with a more intelligent consumer. 

  • Health and wellness is not a one size fit all approach. Many seek more natural and holistic approaches to health and wellness, and searches on Google for alternative medicine options outnumber prescription drugs.


The trend to invest in yourself will gain even more momentum. People will start to forgo the newest iPhones to invest in their well-being.

  • This poses poorly for big tech companies and piggybacks off our last prediction.


AI programs like chatgpt will completely revolutionize marketing.

  • Let’s not be scared of AI but embrace it to improve our lives. AI is in its infancy, and it has the power to replace remedial tasks and take the gained time to focus on more strategic thinking will be a game changer to those that embrace it.


Consumers are doubling down on buying brands that align with their values.

  • We were already seeing this in the height of the pandemic, and we think the brand that can take a position / stand for something will bode well in 2023