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Social Influence Scorecard: Mid Size Retailers and CPG Brands

Some of the best social media “influencers” out there can be small to midsize retailers that carry your products.

Why you might ask, the reason is fairly simple. Because they have targeted followers and they sell your product.

How many influencers have you worked with that would work on affiliate deals —> very very few

This report and rating system is meant for CPG brands going into retail distribution to help them allocate their retail marketing dollars by showcasing which retailers are the best at supporting brands via social media.

Our rating system took both quantitative and qualitative factors into account.


Below are what we analyzed and the percentage of weight we put toward each specific component in our rating system:

Which Retailers won BIG?

Fresh Thyme Market

Fresh Thyme took the #1 spot. Even though we put a heavy emphasis on store count, they had the most by a wide margin they would have still finished first even if we didn’t include score count as a metric. Overall they crushed it in many other of the most critical areas including the amount of times brands were featured on their feed, the creativity of those brand posts as well as the total number of engaged users on their brand posts (they finished first in this component).

Harmons Neighborhood Grocer

Harmons took the #2 spot. Their store count definitely helped them. They had 21 stores which was 13th most out of the 91 stores we looked at. But I don’t want to take away from what the amazing people who run their social media are doing. You can tell their marketing team really cares about the customer. Their responses to their social media community are thoughtful and personalized.That goes the same for their brand posts. When posting about brands they sell the content was original and thoughtful with a great use of short-form video.


Dierbergs took the #3 spot and I was pretty surprised when I tallied up the numbers. They had the 6th most stores out of all the retailers we surveyed with 26. Their community management and overlook and feel ranked in the bottom 25% of the retailers surveyed. Where they excelled was how often they post about brands. With score count and consistency of brand being posted as the largest percentage of the overall score Dierbergs is at the top for supporting brands.

Kimberton Whole Foods

Kimbertons with only 7 stores was able to crack the top 5 with exceptionally high marks in their overall engagement rate and quantity of brands being featured on their social channels.

Greens Natural Foods

Green Natural Foods does an extremely good job with its community management and scores high marks for how often they post about brands and the overall look and feel of those brands posts. With seven total stores, Green Natural Foods rounds out our top 5.