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Ibotta is a mobile cash back platform that partners with a vast array of retailers and brands to offer users savings on in-store and online purchases. With a predominant user base of women and parents, the platform also offers valuable insights to brands and has a notable tie with the Walmart app.

📱 Mobile Cash Back App: Ibotta’s application provides opportunities for users to earn cash back on various purchases, both in physical stores and online.

💸 Range of Offers: From groceries to apparel, Ibotta extends cash back opportunities across multiple categories.

🛍️ Extensive Retail Partnerships: Ibotta collaborates with over 1,500 brands and retailers. A prominent partnership is its direct integration with the Walmart app, making it simpler for users shopping with Walmart to avail cash back.

👩‍👧 User Demographics: A notable demographic aspect of Ibotta’s user base is that 91% are women, and 62% are parents, showcasing the platform’s appeal among households.

📲 User Experience: The platform is designed to assist users in finding offers, uploading receipts, and monitoring their cash back, creating an organized saving journey.

📊 Data Insights: Brands associated with Ibotta receive data-driven insights into purchasing behaviors, prevailing trends, and user inclinations, aiding their strategic planning.

📈 Impact on Sales & Loyalty: Ibotta’s structure, while centered around user savings, also indirectly supports brands by potentially influencing buying decisions and bolstering brand awareness.