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How to Make a Viral Video

Every social media user dreams of the day their post will go viral. It is the ultimate measure of success, after all. Our inner middle schooler hopes for the day something we posted becomes the most popular hit on a website. However, these dreams don’t come true by luck. They take research, dedication, and a lot of hard work, and even then there is no guarantee you will be an overnight Youtube sensation.

There are two things to remember when looking to create viral video content: the content itself and the marketing behind the post. Your video has to speak to your target audience, if they do not find it interesting, it will not gain popularity. Not only does the video have to be well received by your audience, but it has to be available to social media users everywhere. Without visibility your video will not perform how you wish.

With so much social media traffic it is sometimes hard to create meaningful, creative content that speaks to an audience. Users are constantly worried about the quantity of posts they are putting out there and not the quality. While it is important to strike a balance between the two, we are here to learn about quality videos. Remember these few tips when making a potentially viral video.

Spread positive vibes. Social media has become an instrument for people to have a voice and share their feelings on topics that are important to them. When creating posts it is important to remember that people are emotional. Any time someone shares a post, it is because that post made them feel something. People also like to show how great their lives are and what better way to do that than with something that makes them seem positive? Berger and UPenn Professor Katherine Milkman’s research showed videos that leave viewers feeling happy and positive are more likely to be shared.

Engage with users. Video viewers are the reason your content goes viral. If your content isn’t interesting it will not be shared. Remember that fans want to be heard. Build loyalty with your viewers by engaging with them. Respond to their comments, answer their questions. Use your fans in your content, have a Q&A portion at the end of a video. Let them know their opinions are important to you.

Stay current. Be aware of current events and social media trends. One of the easiest ways to go viral is to jump onto a popular topic. You don’t always need to be a leader, follow popular trends, this can be anything from current events to popular culture. You will reach more people outside of your immediate fan base that way.

With these thoughts in mind to create quality content, it is time to switch from the creative side to the business side. Viral videos do not go viral on their own, it takes work. Try these tips next time you are looking for your 15 minutes of video fame.

It all started with a blog. Once your video content is created and posted on your social platforms, it is time to reach out to others. Social websites, such as Reddit, are a good place to start. Next find brand influencers with large followings to share your content. Bloggers especially have larger audiences and a wider reach. Once they start sharing and talking about your content their audiences will too.

Pick a release date. Your content may be the most interesting video to hit the internet, but it will not matter if no one sees it. Make sure to post earlier in the week, ideally a Monday or Tuesday. To give your video the most amount of time to gain popularity, release it at the beginning of the week, that way you will have the entire week to gain views and share with bloggers.

Find your stakeholders. If your video includes music, a specific location, or brand, reach out to them. This may mean tagging them in a post, or including them in the description. Reach out to them and have them share it as well. The more people involved, the better.  

Stay newsworthy. Once you have reached the coveted viral title, take as many media requests as you can. The only way to stay relevant is to stay seen. Not only should you take the media inquiries and interviews, but ignore the negativity. While the negative comments may be hurtful, it is a good thing to have controversy. All it means is that you have succeeded in your goal.