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For All The Brands That Prefer To Sell On Amazon

When marketing on social media the easiest way to get a direct ROI is by driving traffic to your website and converting to sales there. For varying reasons, a lot of our clients prefer to drive traffic to Amazon. 

 When driving traffic to Amazon, you do lose some of the control and tracking capabilities. Lately, we have been utilizing a tool called PixelMe (only costs $24 a month). With this tool, we still can’t tell what ad is converting to a sale, but we can now create a Lookalike audience from the clicks we are generating.  

 A LAL audience is one of Facebook’s most powerful advertising tools. Facebook will take the audience that clicked on your Amazon ad, let’s say that was 3,000 people. It will turn that 3,000 people into a million people that they deem to have similar online tendencies. It could be that they follow similar brands on Instagram, are active in the same Facebook groups, etc.

 It’s all about creating a 360 marketing approach that syncs up your Amazon marketing efforts to your social media marketing efforts. Sites like PixelMe are one step in completing the circle, the other is making sure you are properly using Amazon Attribution. 

 “Amazon Attribution” allows brand registered sellers to create trackable links and monitor conversion data on No longer is Amazon a black hole of data for your marketing campaigns.

 Within the Amazon Attribution dashboard, you are given a variety of useful metrics to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns:

  • Click-throughs
  • Detail page views
  • Add to carts
  • Purchases
  • Units sold
  • Product Sales

 Our number one objective when driving traffic to Amazon is to convert to a sale. A secondary objective is to help build out an audience that we can put into our marketing funnel to first create brand awareness and eventually drive them down the funnel and convert to a sale. 

The brands that are most successful are the ones that are building the bridge between all of their marketing efforts. This is why Socialike has partnered up with Pitted Labs. At Socialike we do not claim to be Amazon experts but we 100% see the importance of understanding how social media affects Amazon. 

Contributing to this article is Tyler Allgaier, CEO of Pitted Labs, a company that specializes in Amazon marketing.