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Facebook Limits Audience Targeting

Facebook Limits Audience Targeting by Ayurvedic Interests and Health and Wellness Categories

In late 2021, Meta announced plans for Facebook Ads Manager to begin phasing out several audience targeting options. All planned changes are detailed targeting options, meaning they relate to users’ personal interests and behaviors.

Socialike was surprised to discover that amongst these phased out targeting options were several interests related to our Ayurveda clients, including the term Ayurveda itself. Another target interest being phased out is Ghee, which many in the Ayurvedic community regard as a key healing substance.

In the face of these new limitations on targeting Ayurvedic Interests, Socialike will continue to provide detailed ad targeting for its Ayurveda clients. These include some or all of the following:

  • Ads Manager’s detailed targeting expansion which essentially allows Facebook to deliver your ad to people outside of your targeting parameters if the algorithm determines that doing so will improve performance.
  • Using Engagement Custom Audiences1 to reach people who either liked a Page, viewed a video or engaged with content in the social media feed.
  • Importing a list of customers who have opted into marketing materials to build a retargeting2 ad audience and Lookalike audiences.
  • Using a Facebook pixel to create a custom audience and Lookalike audiences based on website browsing data3.



1An Engagement Custom Audience is a Custom Audience made up of people who have engaged with your content across the Facebook family of apps and services.

2Advertise to people who have visited your website, app, store or Facebook Page.

3Custom Audiences from your website is a targeting option that matches people who visit your website with people on Facebook, using the Facebook pixel. You can then create an ad to show to that audience.