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The Facebook Doodle Feature Explained

With over a billion photos uploaded to the platform daily, Facebook offers an array of editing features to its users when uploading an image. The newest feature may be the coolest we’ve seen so far! In addition to being able to crop, resize and add filters to images you upload, you can now doodle on them, like you can on platforms such as SnapChat.


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Doodling has been available in Messenger since 2014, but now you can add these doodles to images on your timeline and posts to friends. What’s the catch? This “Doodle” edit feature is only available on the iOS and Android Facebook application, making it unavailable on Facebook’s web platform.

How will this affect the future of businesses that create social content? Will this create a need for tablets, phones, or surfaces to create content in the same way that desktops are essential in an office? For any business that uses Instagram, the struggle of needing a phone as well as a desktop is all too familiar. There may be a huge shift towards the integration of phones being a necessary staple for all media companies with updates like the Doodle.

Facebook is, however, clearly committed to staying relevant with a reminder to users about the edit feature that reads, “we update the app every two weeks, so stay tuned for more features on the way!”

Images and Instructions/Explanations

Facebook Doodle

When you upload an image, Facebook immediately prompts you to “edit.”


Facebook Doodle

The last section of this edit panel is “doodle.”



Facebook Doodle

Here you can drag your finger up and down a scale to choose what color you want for your doodle. Then drag your finger left and right to decide the weight of the stroke.


Facebook Doodle

When you doodling, you are given the choice to undo steps or to reset. When you’re finished, simply press “done” and you are redirected to the “post” page where you are able to add a caption, tag friends, geo-tag or add stickers and filters.


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Doodling and similar apps could change the way traditional media companies operate. These apps make it of utmost importance to post from phones, tablets, or surfaces through a touchscreen. Is this the way social media posting is heading?


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