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Exploring Amazon Posts

Amazon “Posts” is Amazon’s attempt to compete with FB and other social media sites, and from a brand’s perspective, it is working!

Driving traffic to your Amazon page is essential to converting sales. Amazon “Posts” is a newly designed platform that mimics Instagram but it drives traffic directly to your Amazon brand page. We love Amazon Posts, especially for brands with an Amazon-focused e-commerce strategy because it eliminates a step in the buying process and attracts consumers when they are in a buying mindset instead of an “Instagram” mindset.

For the brands still obsessed with follower count (yes, there a few out you still out there), ask yourself. Do you think having a follower on Amazon versus a follower on Instagram would be more likely to lead to a sale?

The organic reach on Amazon Posts exceeds a typical Instagram post by factors of 10x the organic reach in many cases. Organic reach is not all that you are getting from Amazon Posts. Other metrics that can be ascertained from the data are:

  • Clicks to your detail page
  • Clicks to your brand feed
  • Clicks to related feeds
  • Clicks to show product
  • Clicks to expand caption

Amazon Posts is a burgeoning social media platform. Having already executed campaigns for multiple brands, Socialike is on-track to being a leader in this emerging, exciting platform.