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Competitors vs Comparators

Competitors vs. Comparators

When we kick off with a client, we always start with a research deck. Our research decks consist of:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Comparator analysis 
    • For existing brands
      • Content analysis
      • Ads analysis
      • Influencer analysis
      • Email marketing analysis
  • SWOT

Today I want to speak about the comparator analysis section.

Socialike defines a comparator as another brand that shares similar values and audiences but does not directly compete.

We find some of our best marketing ideas come from these comparators.


  • We were launching a German beauty brand in the US and looked at other German brands outside of the beauty space that has had success in the US.
  • We work with a probiotics company that has a key differentiator of being refrigerated. We researched other brands that are not typically refrigerated but can be to improve their efficacy.

Reviewing comparators is not just an effective tool to help build out your social media strategy; it can also be a lot of fun.