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CBD is everywhere. But how do you market it?

CBD. Three little letters. Together, they have become one of the most widely searched-for terms on the web. CBD is being added to coffee, cocktails, chocolate, and even dog treats. According to Forbes magazine, it’s estimated to become a $3 Billion industry by 2021.  Almost all US states now permit a certain type of hemp-based CBD to be sold, and bottles of the stuff are commonly available at drugstores. CVS and Walgreens are planning to sell CBD makeup and other products this spring.  Why, then, is it still generating so much curiosity in searches? The most obvious reason: until very recently, marijuana and cannabis plant derivatives were illegal almost everywhere. There are also widespread misconceptions about CBD and a true lack of information about the benefits.

Manufacturers and distributors already know that the hemp-based products widely on sale now are either low or no THC–the stuff that gets you high. But to further confuse the public mind, a handful of states have virtually legalized marijuana, and are permitting preparations that are high THC.

The result, for CBD marketers, is that the media is wary of accepting advertising, social media included. It can be tricky to know how to promote your wares, even though your CBD ingredients are now legal virtually everywhere in the US.

Fortunately, CBD seems to be gaining a public reputation for calming nerves, soothing headaches and reducing muscular pain, among other benefits, and everybody’s hungry for information. At Socialike, we have investigated the most effective ways to promote CBD products on the important social media platforms, and our information may help you to navigate challenges.  For a deep dive into the specific marketing restrictions on each social media platform, click here to read the full article. Don’t worry, there’s no sign-in, no catches.  Just free information, in the form of quick bullet-pointed summaries about Facebook, Twitter, Google and the other large online platforms. We make it available with the thought that some smart CBD marketers may consider using Socialike as their social and online ad agency. And why not?–it’s obvious we know our CBD’s.