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Boost your social ads targeting with Trip Consideration

HotelsAs a hotel, one of the ultimate goals, is getting advertising in front of the eyes of people who are actively planning to travel. Facebook (and Instagram) has added a new feature to their ads platform, that does this exact targeting. Called Trip Consideration, this new targeting feature helps advertisers reach people who have expressed travel intent, but may not have yet decided on their destination or hotel. The Trip Consideration tool will allow hotel industry marketers to directly target people who are planning a trip. Previously, there was no way to do such targeting, and one had to rely on targeting people’s interests, such as someone interested in Hilton or Best Western.         

You may be asking yourself how this new feature is possible and how Facebook finds these users. The answer is that Facebook is able to measure numerous travel intent signals from users, including travel history (information on where someone has traveled based on their Facebook activities, life events, and site/app browsing outside of Facebook.  

The new Trip Consideration feature is a potential key addition to travel industry advertising on Facebook, especially for hotels. By leveraging the power of Facebook’s data insights, advertisers no longer have to waste as many ad impressions on users who have no intent on traveling and instead will be able to focus their budget on people actively in the market to travel. For example, let’s say that a hotel wants to promote a January special deal for booking their rooms. That hotel will be able to run ads on Facebook, that target people who may be looking to travel in January and need to book a hotel. These people who are classified under Trip Consideration are more likely to book than the average person, because they are actually in the process of booking their trip.       

This feature adds to the already robust targeting options for hotels on Facebook. Some other targeting that is possible is targeting people who are part of hotel honors programs and fans of specific hotel brands, such as Hilton or Marriott.