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Beyond Sales: Amazon as a Brand Builder & Podcasts’ Dr. Oz Effect


In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, Socialike sheds light on two strategies we plan to spend more time and energy on in 2024.

The first strategy centers around Amazon, not merely as an e-commerce giant but as a dynamic brand-building platform. Unveiling features like Amazon Posts and Inspire, Socialike encourages brands to explore the latent possibilities within the Amazon ecosystem.

The second focuses on the potential of podcasts, showcasing the authenticity and engagement found in niche audio content.


Let’s delve into each of these:


Amazon as a Brand Building Channel:

While Amazon is widely recognized as a powerful e-commerce platform, its potential for brand-building often goes unnoticed. Drawing a parallel to the strategies adopted by Instagram and TikTok influencers, Socialike emphasizes the effectiveness of Amazon’s Inspire feature (think TikTok for Amazon), with direct links leading to product pages. Amazon Posts (think Instagram for Amazon) generate engagement rates that are over 500% higher than Instagram. Brands can leverage these free Amazon-exclusive features to drive traffic directly to product pages and create a unique avenue for brand exposure.

Additionally, the focus shifts to Amazon’s often-underutilized Brand Store Page – a prime real estate for brands to showcase seasonal and high-performing content from their social feeds. As we explore this brand-building feature, it becomes evident that the store page can attract significant traffic. Socialike advocates for a shift in perspective, encouraging brands to view Amazon not just as a sales channel but as a dynamic space for organic brand growth. In contrast to traditional Amazon agencies that are hyper-focused on lowering Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS), Socialike encourages brands to tap into these free, organic marketing tools for a more holistic and impactful presence on the platform.


Harnessing the Influence of Podcasts:

In an era dominated by visual content, podcasts often take a back seat in marketing discussions. However, Socialike recognizes the immense potential hidden within this audio realm. 

Drawing parallels to figures like Dr. Oz, we see a similar phenomenon with the scientist and podcaster Andrew Huberman. Huberman’s massive online presence, with over five million YouTube subscribers and a million-plus podcast listeners, exemplifies the podcasting platform’s reach. As we recall Dr. Oz’s substantial effect on shaping trends, Socialike emphasizes that podcasting can wield similar, if not greater, influence. 

Niche podcasts allow brands to connect with their target audience on a more personal level. Imagine a brand targeting a gluten-free audience strategically advertising on a podcast dedicated to gluten-free hacks. The impact is twofold – not only can brands connect with a highly engaged audience, but they can also extract valuable content ideas from the podcast. This dual approach allows brands to resonate with listeners, who are likely to follow the brand on social media and engage with the shared content inspired by the podcast. Podcast advertising can also yield a direct return on investment through promo codes. By strategically aligning with podcasts relevant to their target audience, brands can tap into an engaged community, fostering organic growth on social media platforms.