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Ayurveda Marketing

Because of the personal love our agency has for Ayurveda and the connections we have amassed in this space, Socialike has created a division focused on assisting brands that have their principles and products rooted in Ayurveda.

We love working with Socialike’s team! Not only are they truly invested in our business and understanding what works best for us, but in Ayurveda! The team is extremely easy to work with – always very responsive, understands our vision, and helps us to make decisions based on our sales goals. From the content writing, graphic design, email strategies, and influencer work, we are so excited to keep working with Socialike to build our brand and Ayurvedic community. We appreciate Socialike’s professionalism and organization in the content creation process and our weekly meetings to keep us on track with our company’s initiatives. It can be really difficult to find a company to work with when you’re an Ayurvedic-based business that will understand the audience and what you’re trying to communicate, and Socialike does just that. They have personal interests in Ayurveda and it shows with the work they produce with us. They have been really great at telling us what they need from us to create the best content possible and we couldn’t be happier with our relationship with Socialike.


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Ayurveda Posts

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We’ve spoken before about the importance of Hiring and Balancing Teams with Ayurveda, but perhaps even more important is the idea of operating our leadership according to Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda champions balance, so we highly emphasize evenness in the leadership styles that head up our team.    We are a […]