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An Ayurvedic Balance To Our Leadership

We’ve spoken before about the importance of Hiring and Balancing Teams with Ayurveda, but perhaps even more important is the idea of operating our leadership according to Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda champions balance, so we highly emphasize evenness in the leadership styles that head up our team. 


We are a small company, but we see this as an extreme advantage. The few faces that provide our company leadership work directly and closely with each other, extensively cutting out the space for office politics that can bog down productivity at so many larger firms. Less seats at the table makes communication extremely efficient, albeit unapologetically honest. Our few chief administrators tend to have highly differing viewpoints (and personalities), and those different viewpoints keep strategizing and decision-making at Socialike a dynamic and spirited process. We are not strangers to direct, candid conversations. But what we are is extremely open to receiving different viewpoints with fair and honest objectivity, almost welcoming dissenting opinions as if they were a guest at the dinner table. Our leaders at Socialike know that their opinions and ideas will always be treated with equal consideration and respect- regardless of majority or minority standing. What makes this surface-level dichotomy of leadership work for us is that, ultimately, we all possess the same end goal – to win.


Again, Ayurveda champions balance. Light needs dark to be appreciated. Cold needs heat to be understood. Fire needs water, and movement needs stillness. The leaders at Socialike have unyieldingly passionate discussions and still come together as teammates working towards the same objective. We understand that an individual’s passion represents their strengths, creativity, ingenuity, and discernment. Within their passion lies their ability to push further into the creative process, propel our company forward, and deliver the most fully-developed approach to marketing for our clients. In Ayurveda, as well as in leadership, the co-mingling of antagonistic elements is what leads to full-spectrum harmony.